Texas Holdem Poker Strategy

Poker strategy it is extremely important in holdem tournaments, and will depend on the tournament structure you are playing.
In slow tournaments, where blinds will increase at a large periods of time, you might want to consider playing strong starting hands in the begining.
Example: We are at the first blind level of the tournament and we have a 3,000 chips starting stack. Blind level is 10/20 and you are in early position with Kc10h. Recommended action:FOLD!
In later torunament stages, blinds are getting highr and higher so, to build a big stack, you need to loosen up.
Example: We are at blind level 1000/2000, antes 1000, and we have a 70,000 chip stack. You are in early position with Ah10h. Recommended action: raise 2x to 2.5x - in this particular scenario you should raise to 4,000 or 4,500 or 5,000. If the players from the table are extremely loose you can even make it 3x or 4x.

In turbo and superturbo turnaments, you should choose a slightly different poker strategy. Blind levels are increasing ar a fast and very fast rate, so you should consider opening up your game, as waiting for big hands might decrease your stack in a very short time. But in early stages of the tournaments, usually the first 5-6 levels, you can play a little tighter but no more than 5-6 levels.
Example: The blinds are at 100/200 with a 10 ante. You have a 3500 stack and you are dealt Ks9c in the dealer button. Everybody folds to you. Recommended action: FOLD!
In late-stage turbos, you have to be very loose and open pots more often. Important:You can steal from the button with any two cards but do not call raises with any two cards.
Example: Blind levels are at 10,000/20,000 with a 1,000 ante. You have a 500k stack in BB and you face a raise to 45,000 from a EP player. You have 6s7s. Recommended action: CALL!
In this example you should consider calling with the following: any suited connectors (5 6, 6 7 and higher), any small to medium pair (22 to 88), any non-premium high cards (J10 suited, Q10 suited, K10 offsuited or suited, A10 offsuited or suited, OJ suited or offsuited and KJ suited or offsuited) and any suited Ace (A2 suited or higher).
Analize and correct your leaks in your preflop game, it can only take a simple mistake to go from hero to zero. Therefore I suggest you should evaluate your strategy before playing tournaments. Start getting immediate success in Sit'n Go's with the most profitable study group ever created by visiting this link!

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