High Stakes Poker Facts

Everybody wants to play high stakes poker. Whether you're inexperienced or you have the poker background, you dream of playing the best of the best, and to take their money. But not everyone has the money to play high stakes . If you choose to play online, the lowest high stakes games start at 25/50$ where you will need a maximum of 50,000$ to bring to the table. Some high stakes games allow super stacks at 25/50 and higher, like 200 big blind stack, or even more.
If you wonder how much money online poker rooms make from high stakes tables, let's take a look at the following facts:
A very well known poker site offer various high stakes tables and limits:12 tables for 25/50$, 3 tables for 50/100$, 2 tables for 100/200$ and 2 tables for 200/400$. For each table, the poker room keeps a 5$ maximum rake, in every hand in which a flop is dealt or players are allin preflop. Bear in mind that there is action at every of the tables, 24 hours a day. Also, along with high stakes poker tables we find middle stakes tables and small stakes tables. But that's not all. We can also choose from much more poker variants:pot limit holdem and fixed limit holdem, no limit and pot limit omaha, HORSE, RAZZ, Stud games, draw games and mixed games.

That's just cash games. Online rooms also offer Sit'n Go various games, with high stakes games buyin range 100$ -5,000$. The rake in a 5000$ Sit'n Go is 63$ Also, high stakes multi table tournaments are present, with buyins from 100$ to 21,000$. What is the rake in a 21,000$ online tournament? It's 500$!
Just so you know, the bigger poker websites make hundreds of thousand of dollars any day, every day!
The biggest pot in online high stakes poker was back in 2009, when poker pro Patrick Antonius took down a 1,356,946.50$ pot from the swedish phenomenon Isildur1, in a pot limit omaha cash game.
Live games have higher stakes, with buyins for cash games from 10,000$ to 10,000,000$ in some Macau casinos. Live high stakes tournaments have higher buy ins also, from 5,000$ to 1,000,000$, like the annual The Big One For One Drop, held in Las Vegas, every year, during WSOP.
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