Texas Holdem Poker Strategy

Poker strategy it is extremely important in holdem tournaments, and will depend on the tournament structure you are playing.
In slow tournaments, where blinds will increase at a large periods of time, you might want to consider playing strong starting hands in the begining.
Example: We are at the first blind level of the tournament and we have a 3,000 chips starting stack. Blind level is 10/20 and you are in early position with Kc10h. Recommended action:FOLD!
In later torunament stages, blinds are getting highr and higher so, to build a big stack, you need to loosen up.
Example: We are at blind level 1000/2000, antes 1000, and we have a 70,000 chip stack. You are in early position with Ah10h. Recommended action: raise 2x to 2.5x - in this particular scenario you should raise to 4,000 or 4,500 or 5,000. If the players from the table are extremely loose you can even make it 3x or 4x.

In turbo and superturbo turnaments, you should choose a slightly different poker strategy. Blind levels are increasing ar a fast and very fast rate, so you should consider opening up your game, as waiting for big hands might decrease your stack in a very short time. But in early stages of the tournaments, usually the first 5-6 levels, you can play a little tighter but no more than 5-6 levels.
Example: The blinds are at 100/200 with a 10 ante. You have a 3500 stack and you are dealt Ks9c in the dealer button. Everybody folds to you. Recommended action: FOLD!
In late-stage turbos, you have to be very loose and open pots more often. Important:You can steal from the button with any two cards but do not call raises with any two cards.
Example: Blind levels are at 10,000/20,000 with a 1,000 ante. You have a 500k stack in BB and you face a raise to 45,000 from a EP player. You have 6s7s. Recommended action: CALL!
In this example you should consider calling with the following: any suited connectors (5 6, 6 7 and higher), any small to medium pair (22 to 88), any non-premium high cards (J10 suited, Q10 suited, K10 offsuited or suited, A10 offsuited or suited, OJ suited or offsuited and KJ suited or offsuited) and any suited Ace (A2 suited or higher).
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High Stakes Poker Facts

Everybody wants to play high stakes poker. Whether you're inexperienced or you have the poker background, you dream of playing the best of the best, and to take their money. But not everyone has the money to play high stakes . If you choose to play online, the lowest high stakes games start at 25/50$ where you will need a maximum of 50,000$ to bring to the table. Some high stakes games allow super stacks at 25/50 and higher, like 200 big blind stack, or even more.
If you wonder how much money online poker rooms make from high stakes tables, let's take a look at the following facts:
A very well known poker site offer various high stakes tables and limits:12 tables for 25/50$, 3 tables for 50/100$, 2 tables for 100/200$ and 2 tables for 200/400$. For each table, the poker room keeps a 5$ maximum rake, in every hand in which a flop is dealt or players are allin preflop. Bear in mind that there is action at every of the tables, 24 hours a day. Also, along with high stakes poker tables we find middle stakes tables and small stakes tables. But that's not all. We can also choose from much more poker variants:pot limit holdem and fixed limit holdem, no limit and pot limit omaha, HORSE, RAZZ, Stud games, draw games and mixed games.

That's just cash games. Online rooms also offer Sit'n Go various games, with high stakes games buyin range 100$ -5,000$. The rake in a 5000$ Sit'n Go is 63$ Also, high stakes multi table tournaments are present, with buyins from 100$ to 21,000$. What is the rake in a 21,000$ online tournament? It's 500$!
Just so you know, the bigger poker websites make hundreds of thousand of dollars any day, every day!
The biggest pot in online high stakes poker was back in 2009, when poker pro Patrick Antonius took down a 1,356,946.50$ pot from the swedish phenomenon Isildur1, in a pot limit omaha cash game.
Live games have higher stakes, with buyins for cash games from 10,000$ to 10,000,000$ in some Macau casinos. Live high stakes tournaments have higher buy ins also, from 5,000$ to 1,000,000$, like the annual The Big One For One Drop, held in Las Vegas, every year, during WSOP.
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How to play Texas Holdem - beginner's guide

In this article I will explain the basics on how to play Texas Holdem also known as holdem. In a holdem game you need from two to ten players to start the game. At the beginning of the game the dealer will draw for the dealer button, to determine the small blind(SB) and the big blind(BB). Small blind and big blind will put a mandatory bet, where BB will be twice the size of SB. Let's say that in a game, the blind are at 1/2 chips. At later stages of tournaments antes come in play, meaning besides SB and BB, every player must put a mandatory bet. For instance in a tournament, we are at blind level 20 with blinds 1000/2000 chips and antes 100. All the players are dealt two cards(hole cards) face down and they must not reveal them to the other players. If a certain player holds a big hand like KK and it is his turn to act, he can raise the blinds. To understand the raise concept, imagine someone holding pocket aces that will raise the BB to 6 chips.

If you think you have a bad hand, you can muck it. On the other hand if you think that your cards are good to play with, you can call the bet or raise the initial raiser. Five comunity cards will be dealt in the middle.First three cards are the flop, the fourth is the turn and the fifth is called the river. Each of the players that are involved in the hand can use the cards in the middle to improve their starting hand. Let's say you are dealt pocket tens 1010 and you get another ten on the flop, your hand improved to a set of tens or three of a kind, tens.
Every player can call, raise or fold a bet from another player on any street. A key aspect of Texas holdem is position playing concept. Every player must act on every hand, clockwise.
The winner of the tournament will have to hold at the end of the game, every other player's chips, but usually the first 10% of the player field will share the prizepool with the first to win most and the last to win the least money.
So good luck at the tables and start playing this beautiful game.